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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Solar Powered Heat Pumps and Air Conditioners

New for 2010, Lennox has begun to release their new solar powered heat pump and air conditioner product lineup. Referred to as "SunSource Solar Ready" units, these new heating and cooling units come with built-in controls and electronics to allow the home owner to attach anywhere from 1 to 15 solar power collectors, though it is not necessary to use solar power to run these SunSource units as they are also able to use your home's electrical supply just like all other heat pumps and air conditioners do.

In southern areas, with good south-facing exposure, the solar panels can collect almost 300% more power than is required to operate the a/c or heat pump. Through the addition of the iComfort controller / thermostat, the excess power collected can be fed back into your home's electrical system. Excess power can even be sold back to your electrical utility's grid (if offered in your local area).

SunSource Solar Powered HVAC System
Consider the green environmental impact is we were to remove the entire air conditioning load from the existing power grid. A few less brown-outs would be appreciated too.

Current models available are the XP21 Heat Pump, the XP17 Heat Pump and the XC17 Air Conditioner.


  1. This is another great product that is capable of providing both heating and cooling by using the solar energy. This will hit the demand of consumers for efficient and effective heating and cooling system.

  2. The solar heat pump is an environmentally friendly water heating option, as there is no or very minimal production of pollutants due to its highly reduced energy requirements. The pump is also effectively functional, even in very low temperature conditions.

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