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Friday, October 17, 2014

The Best Ways To Remain Energy Efficient While Air Conditioning Your Home

You rely on your air conditioner or heat pump to keep your home cool during the summer and any other times the temperatures spike. Your air conditioner is part of HVAC system and one of the most expensive units to replace in your home. In the summer months, how often your air conditioning runs is directly reflected in your home energy bills. However, you can lower those bills with a few simple tips.

air conditioner coil
A clean indoor a/c coil

Change Your Air Filter Often

No matter the time of the year, changing your air filter will help lower your energy bills. As your central air conditioner draws warm air from the house into the HVAC system to cool it, it brings in all the dirt and debris in the air. Your air filter traps that dirt and keeps it from clogging up your system's indoor cooling coil. Once the filter is full, dirt and debris can get past the filter into your air conditioner. This will force your air conditioner to work harder and drive up your energy bill.

indoor air conditioner coil
A clogged indoor a/c coil

Replace Your Thermostat With A Programmable Model

It is easy to set your thermostat at a certain temperature and forget about it for the rest of the summer. It is great having a cool house when you go to bed and wake up. Of course, arriving home after a long day at work and hot ride home in rush hour traffic to find your home nice and cool is a wonderful thing. However, your home does not need to be air conditioned all day. With a programmable thermostat, your house will be cool when you arrive home without running all day. It is a great way to lower your summer energy bills.

Regular Maintenance

Having a professional technician come to your home and check your system ahead of the summer cooling is essential to keeping your air conditioning bills under control. They will clean out the system of any debris and recommend any necessary repairs. A professional technician will calibrate your thermostat and check your vents for any leaks. When your air conditioner is working efficiently, your energy bills will be as low as possible while running the system.

It only takes a little preplanning and a few simple steps to keep your energy use down while running your air conditioner. At Complete Heating and Air Conditioning Services , we can help you with a new thermostat, scheduled maintenance or answer any questions you might have about energy efficiency. Contact us today.

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