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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Minimize Furnace Repairs With These Tips

Heating and cooling uses more energy and costs more money than any other system in your home -- typically making up about 48% of your utility bill, and many types of heating repairs can be costly. Yet keep in mind that it will cost far more to fix a problem that is ignored for too long by not caring for your system properly.

Some simple routine maintenance of your home's furnace can help you avoid premature and expensive furnace repairs.

The following are a few simple tips to keep your furnace running smoothly all year.
  • Clean and/or repair filters on a monthly basis. A dirty filter can cause strain on the system making it work harder to heat your home or business. 
  • Inspect all ducts, blowers, filters, and coils for obstructions.
  • Check for leaks or pooling water on the floor around the system. 
  • Examine outdoor handlers for fallen debris, grass, or other outdoor items that could clog or deter your system from working properly. 
  • Have a professional check your gas pressures to ensure proper combustion . Improperly set gas pressures and / or air- fuel ratios can lead to incomplete combustion and the creation of carbon monoxide and sooting. Sooting is a fire hazard and can also lead to additional problems. 
Spending a small amount of money for routine maintenance will reduce repair bills later.

You can also reduce the number of repair calls by having your furnace professionally maintained every year. This will help you to avoid emergency furnace repair calls during those cold winter months.

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