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Monday, January 5, 2015

Lennox Industries, Inc. Has Been an Industry Leader Since 1895

Back when people heated their homes with kerosene lamps, inventor Dave Lennox knew there had to be a better way. In 1895, he developed the first furnace in the world made from riveted steel and began marketing it a short time later. He started the Lennox Furnace Company in Iowa at the same time. However, Dave Lennox was an inventor at heart, not a business man. He sold his company in 1904 to D.W. Norris. Together with his son, Norris expanded the business to Syracuse, New York and built the company's first factory there.

More New Innovations

During the 1930s, D.W. and John Norris came up with several new designs in forced heating and by 1950 had entered the air conditioning market. They pioneered the forced air furnace for residential use in 1935 and the Stowaway furnace in 1938. The latter type of furnace was the first of its kind marketed for attic and crawl space use.

The Lennox Furnace Company continued to expand in the United States in the 1940s. By the end of that decade, it had operations in Texas, Utah, California, and Alabama. Finally, in 1952, Lennox set up its first operations in Canada. This is also the first year it sold its air conditioning system to residential and commercial customers. To better reflect its diverse product line, Lennox Furnace Company changed its name to Lennox Industries, Inc. in the mid 1950s.

We Are a Lennox Distributor

Our company is one of 6,000 Lennox full-service dealers in Canada and the United States. We stand Lennox and are happy to offer a wide range of heating and cooling products bearing its name. Its Aire-Flow brand is especially popular with our customers due to its outstanding performance and maximum energy efficiency. Whether you need a new Lennox furnace or air conditioner installed, require preventive maintenance, or needs repairs,  Complete Heating and Air Conditioning Services is available to help.

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